Seal-Hair Concrete Sealer

Seal-Hair Concrete Sealer

25th Nov 2021

What does Seal Hair mean? It simply means Sealer or….Seal-er…or Seal-Hair!

In 2019 WhiteStone Concrete Design applied for an architectural plumbing code listing. During the process, several popular concrete sealers were submitted for testing; all of which failed the testing processes, specifically abrasion resistance.

Tremendous time and effort was spent on perfecting a sealer with superior performance, durability, aesthetics and simplicity. Collaborative testing was performed by 200+ concrete artisans from around the world, over a period of around 2 years. This essentially fast-forward the research and development processes, providing the guys at WhiteStone Concrete Design with real-time feedback. 

Following the two years of testing and making changes to the chemical compound, we now have access to a flawless concrete sealer.

If you're looking for a concrete sealer to finish a Polished Concrete Worktop, take a look at Seal Hair Concrete Sealer along with the other products in the Seal-Hair range.

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